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Evo Custom - Hand-Built Shimano Microspline wheelset

Evo Custom - Hand-Built Shimano Microspline wheelset

Evo Custom Hand-Built Wheels for Shimano Microspline

There is a serious lack of entry-level Microspline compatible wheels out there so even though you can get a great value 12 speed Shimano MTB groupset/drivetrain now hub choice is limited to either Shimano or high-end brands such as Industry Nine, DT Swiss and Onyx Racing.

As we have our own very experienced DT Swiss certified wheel builder in-house for all our NOBL carbon wheel builds we are easily able to offer these great value Microspline compatible wheels all built to the same exacting standards as our well-known NOBL carbon wheel builds.

As we build in-house, we can offer more than just standard options with choices of spokes, hubs, rims and nipples as well as optional tubeless tape and valves.

Select Wheel Size
Select Rear Hub WIdth
Select Front Hub Width
Select HUb Model
Select Rim Choice
Select Spoke Type
Tubeless Tape and Valves
Lead time: 5-7 Days
Available to order
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These entry level performance Mtb wheels all use Shimano's own Microspline hubs. SHimano hubs are very affordable and have great parts availability unlike many other entry-level hubs so even though they may need servicing more often than a cartridge bearing hub they are cheap and easy to do.

We are offering everything from Deore Level MT501 hubs up through SLX, XT, non-series XTR (M901) and XTR hubs.

Rims - We are able to offer lots of options from DT Swiss, RaceFace and Stans of differing rim widths and styles. Inner rim widths are listed in the description.

Spokes - We use black Sapim Race and Sapim D-Light spokes. Both are double butted with the D-Light being a lighter weight disc specific spoke we recommend rider's over 85kg or more extreme riding styles go for the Race option.

Nipples - Standard spec is Sapim brass nipples but we can offer a black version or a range of colours of Sapim double square alloy nipples at a modest upcharge. Top end DT Swiss rims (XM and EX series) come with their own alloy nipples that need to be used to keep rim warranty but we can offer a compatible black brass option so simply select black brass if you would prefer.

Please call if you need advice.


Spoke and nipple combinations available:
Sapim Race - 2/1.8/2 - Race spokes are double butted and are used for the strongest and stiffest wheel builds. Handles abrasion from trail debris. Weight (64 pcs x 260 mm) 363 g
Sapim D-Light - 2/1.65/2 - Light, strong, economical. The D-Lights are double butted and are the best choice for most riders. Does not stretch and twist poorly like 2/1.5/2mm spokes. More elastic and lighter than Race spokes. Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm) 307 g
Sapim CX-Ray - 2/2.3/0.9/2 - The lightest and most resilient mountain bike spokes available. CX Rays are bladed so they have aerodynamic properties and have the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Strong enough for competitive use. Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm) 272 g
2.0mm Sapim brass - great durability and strength - brass colour only 2.0mm Sapim/DT Swiss Silver Alloy nipple - for ultimate in low weight. Not as good long term durability or strength compared to brass and prone to corrosion in long-term so consider replacing every 2/3 seasons. 2.0mm Black DT Swiss Brass - Black coated brass nipples - top performance and looks - bear in mind brass doesn't take coatings well so can look a little worn after building due to surface contact with spoke keys. 2.0mm DT Swiss Squorx Prolock - brass for ultimate strength and durability - extended spoke head with spline fitting on inside of rim for increased strength and ease of truing with special tool. Bear in mind brass doesn't take coatings well so can look a little worn after building due to surface contact with spoke keys.
Sapim Double Square Alloy - Our wheelbuildes favourite - a top quality alloy nipple with great durability and increased length of head for strength and ease of truing. Removal of rounded or broken nipples is easier too using internal spoke head.
27.5" wheels are built 3X lacing pattern with 32 hole, if you want a different pattern please let us know in the comments section at checkout.


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