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Evo Custom - Spank Vibrocore 350 on Hope Pro4

Evo Custom - Spank Vibrocore 350 on Hope Pro4

Spank Vibrocore 350

    •    Unique profile with low sectional profile height and wide width, which adds radial compliance, while keeping high lateral stiffness.
    •    Improved radial compliance for better traction over bumps and chatter, while reducing negative feedback to the rider. Performance and comfort enhanced.
    •    Vibrocore™ inner well, reduces the transmission of harmful vibration frequencies, meaning less vibration for the suspension and rider, also increasing the fatigue life of the rim.
    •    30mm internal width is extremely versatile, fitting tires from 2.0” to 2.6” perfectly, and even allowing + size tire use, without negative squaring off of tire profiles.
    •    Ideal for DH and Freeride.


Hope Pro 4 Hubs-

Available Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Purple and Orange
Machined from forged 2014 T6 Aluminium billet
Conversions available for 141 x QR and 148 x 12mm
Supplied with freehubs to suit 10/11spd Shimano, Sram XD, Hope cassette or Shimano MicroSpline
Aluminium or steel Shimano freehub body options
Weight: 311g

Front Hubs
Rear Hubs
Available to order
e: / t: 01323 737320


Spoke and nipple combinations available:
Sapim Race - 2/1.8/2 - Race spokes are double butted and are used for the strongest and stiffest wheel builds. Handles abrasion from trail debris. Weight (64 pcs x 260 mm) 363 g
Sapim D-Light - 2/1.65/2 - Light, strong, economical. The D-Lights are double butted and are the best choice for most riders. Does not stretch and twist poorly like 2/1.5/2mm spokes. More elastic and lighter than Race spokes. Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm) 307 g
Sapim CX-Ray - 2/2.3/0.9/2 - The lightest and most resilient mountain bike spokes available. CX Rays are bladed so they have aerodynamic properties and have the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Strong enough for competitive use. Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm) 272 g
2.0mm Sapim brass - great durability and strength - brass colour only 2.0mm Sapim/DT Swiss Silver Alloy nipple - for ultimate in low weight. Not as good long term durability or strength compared to brass and prone to corrosion in long-term so consider replacing every 2/3 seasons. 2.0mm Black DT Swiss Brass - Black coated brass nipples - top performance and looks - bear in mind brass doesn't take coatings well so can look a little worn after building due to surface contact with spoke keys. 2.0mm DT Swiss Squorx Prolock - brass for ultimate strength and durability - extended spoke head with spline fitting on inside of rim for increased strength and ease of truing with a special tool. Bear in mind brass doesn't take coatings well so can look a little worn after building due to surface contact with spoke keys.
Sapim Double Square Alloy - Our wheelbuildes favorite - a top quality alloy nipple with great durability and increased length of head for strength and ease of truing. Removal of rounded or broken nipples is easier too using internal spoke head.
27.5" wheels are built 3X lacing pattern with 32 hole, 29ers are Built 2X, due to the 2X lacing pattern increases stiffness in the wheel that is needed on a 29er and not so pessary on a 27.5
If you want a different pattern please let us know in the comments section at checkout.


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