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Fox 34 Float Factory 29 Fit4 2022 - 140mmx44mm

Fox 34 Float Factory 29 Fit4 2022 - 140mmx44mm

The hard-charging do it all trail fork 
Smoother, lighter, more tunable, and more capable than ever before; when it comes to a do-it-all trail fork the 34 is in a class of its own

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Lower Leg bypass Channels 
As a fork compresses, the air volume within the lower legs decreases, increasing air pressure. The more the fork compresses, the more pressure increases. This effect can have the unintended consequence of preventing full travel from being achieved. Our lower leg channels help alleviate this issue by dramatically increasing air volume within the lower legs and thereby reducing the amount of additional unintended pressure ramping.

Another benefit of these channels is that lower leg bath oil is circulated to the upper reaches of the lower legs, continuously lubricating the foam rings and bushings as the fork compresses and extends through its travel.

Lower Leg Arch

Stiffness-to-weight is the ultimate metric for bicycle design. Engineers invest countless hours poring over every ounce of material in an effort to optimize this critical ratio. The all-new 34 pulls out all the stops, shaving every possible gram while making sure not to compromise the stiffness or strength requirements of modern trail riding.

Modern frame designs and geometry trends require modern suspension design solutions. The arch design is designed to pair perfectly with modern trail bikes. Head tube profiles have grown larger and larger, and fork offsets shorter and shorter. Our new arch shape takes this need into account by jutting forward to provide ample headtube clearance at full compression. State-of-the-art computer modeling techniques helped us to create an organic lower leg shape that optimizes stiffness with the absolute minimal amount of material.

Float EVOL
Returning with the same legendary suppleness and longevity, the EVOL air spring in 34’s now has an enlarged negative air spring to assist with mid-stroke support.

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