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Hope Handlebar - 35mm, 20mm Rise

Hope Handlebar - 35mm, 20mm Rise

Introducing Hope Technology's Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebars: Designed, Tested, and Manufactured in the UK

Are you looking for high-performance mountain bike handlebars? Look no further than Hope Technology's Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebars. These handlebars are designed, tested, and proudly manufactured in Barnoldswick, UK, and are the epitome of quality and precision engineering. Crafted with extensive rider feedback and rigorous testing, they have been fine-tuned to enhance your biking experience.

Unlock Your Bike's Full Potential with Hope Technology's Carbon Handlebars

Choose Hope Technology's Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebars for unparalleled trail performance. With their impeccable design, extensive testing, and rider feedback, these handlebars will revolutionize your riding experience. Conquer the mountains confidently, knowing you have the reliability, strength, and lightweight advantage of Hope Technology's Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebars. Upgrade your setup today and elevate your biking game to new heights.

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Key Features for Unmatched Trail and All Mountain Performance

  • Recommended Use: These Carbon handlebars are designed for trail and all-mountain riding, making them perfect for tackling diverse terrains and conquering challenging trails confidently.

  • Ideal Width: With a generous width of 800mm, these handlebars offer optimal control and stability, allowing you to navigate technical sections and corners effortlessly. You'll experience improved handling and manoeuvrability like never before.

  • Diameter Options: Choose between two diameters, 31.8mm or 35mm, based on your specific needs and preferences. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of stems, providing a customizable fit for your bike setup.

  • Rise: The 20mm rise is ideal for an aggressive, responsive riding position and a comfortable, controlled stance. It allows for efficient power transfer while maintaining comfort during long rides.

  • Enhanced Ergonomics: These handlebars feature an upsweep of 5 degrees and a backsweep of 7 degrees, ensuring a natural and ergonomic hand position. This design promotes rider comfort and reduces fatigue, allowing you to ride longer and push your limits.

  • Lightweight Construction: Weighing just 225g, these handlebars are impressively light, enabling you to save precious grams and optimize your bike's overall weight. The reduced weight enhances manoeuvrability, accelerates responsiveness, and ensures nimble trail control.

  • Strength and Durability: The Carbon handlebars from Hope Technology incorporate larger diameters around the bends, providing superior strength and durability. This innovative design significantly enhances the bar's profile, ensuring reliability and confidence even in the most demanding conditions.

  • Optimized Laminate: The handlebars feature an optimized laminate construction that increases strength in high-stress areas. This intelligent engineering removes excess material from non-essential areas, reducing weight without compromising strength or performance.


Width: 800mm

Weight: 225gr

Diameter: 35mm

Upsweep: 5 degrees

Backsweep: 5 degrees

Hope Carbon Handlebar - 31.8mm - 800mm - 20mm Rise
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