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Liteville 301 MK13 XL

Liteville 301 MK13 XL

With all Liteville frames we design, the principle of choice is the one of continuous and relentless evolution, or put differently: step-by-step improvement. We kept ourselves from design gimmicks right of the start and instead concentrated purely on function, weight and durability of our products. It might be the case that you will not see the differences between different evolutionary stages. Yet you will notice and experience their improved function, lowered weight and thus improved handling and performance when riding. Winning tests for 10 years now and building the most durable and reliable frames on the market underlines the success of our concept. We will fundamentally change our design and construction of the frame only when we are able to reduce its weight without affecting the perfectly working function of it. Until then, we will successfully keep on developing our frames. Continuous evolution.


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The DuoLink by Liteville
…or: two rear frames in one.
Depending on the size of the rear wheel, the MK12 rear frame can be adapted with two different positions. The front position is for smaller wheel sizes as recommended, the rear position for big ones.
When changing the rear end of the 301 MK12, the drop out is not only shifted backwards but also adapted upwards and downwards. This is how it perfectly meets the geometry requirements of different wheel sizes without compromises.
It goes without saying that the individual frame sizes are designed for different wheel sizes already.

The dropout / X-12 System
All Liteville frames feature the patented Syntace X-12 through axle system. Apart from the outstanding weight of no more than 39 g, the unprecedented stiffness and super easy mounting procedure are the main advantages compared to competitors’ alternatives.

Integrated Vario-Spin headset
The Liteville 301 (MK12 and MK13) and the 601 (MK3) come with our VarioSpin head tube, with the fully integrated „SyntaceVarioSpin tapered“ headset. This head tube allows – by use of +/-1.5° VarioSpin headset cups – an additional headangle adjustment of +/-1.5°, independently of the bottom bracket height.
Attention: 0° cups are supplied as standard.  The VarioSpin cups necessary for the adjustment of +/- 1.5° need to be ordered separately.
TIP: for consistency, bikes of this category should only be equipped with tapered forks! If, out of whatever reason you do not want to run a tapered steerer fork, here you go... that’s also no problem. For the use of 1 1/8" steerers in the Liteville, just order the separately available 1 1/8" reduction kit.

The Chain Guide
Only since we have worked on this component with the highest ambitions, we came to the conclusion that a chain guide is a must-have for all bikes, even those with “less” travel. The result of our work is the lightest, best working chain guide we know of. The advantages include fewer noises from the chain hitting the chain stay as well as keeping the chain from falling off the chain ring in tough terrain.

The four hinges of the rear frame are responsible for the elimination of the pedal stroke rebound, both backwards and forwards. It is of particular importance that the rebound is eliminated at all times, no matter in which gear one is riding and no matter how long the chain is when the damping system is working. As a result of the perfect positioning of the linkage bars, we have been able to achieve this goal successfully.

DynaLevel (SAG Indication)
Live SAG indication at all times – even when out on the trail – rather than rechecking the SAG with a tie-wrap. This has always been an imprecise, hazardous process.

The rider can “read” the DynaLevel conveniently while sitting on the bike- Never has it been easier than that!


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