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Santa Cruz Rideout 22
Santa Cruz Rideout 22
Santa Cruz Megatower 2 CC Frame - Nickel

Santa Cruz Megatower 2 CC Frame - Nickel

The New Santa Cruz Bicycles Megatower - Be honest, it's all about the descent

When World Champs like Greg Minnaar and Jackson Goldstone aren’t on their office bikes, they’re often throttling a Megatower for all it’s worth. 

Because 165mm of VPP® lower link travel is more than enough to feel just like the Syndicate. A ±63-degree adjustable head tube angle coupled to a 170mm fork and 29-inch wheels delivers the high-speed security of a downhill bike. Yet the 78-degree seat angle and size-specific geo maintain the Mega’s mega ability to climb. Retaining its reputation as the perfect choice for knocking out big gravity rides and DH park laps.

Look under the bonnet and you’ll discover a relatively low leverage ratio on the rear shock compared to our other bikes. This is engineered into the VPP kinematics to offer a more damped, controlled feel across longer travel ranges, meaningless faffing with your shock. There's a lower average leverage ratio than the previous bike for a more damped, controlled feel from the shock.

Delve further still and you’ll notice hi/lo geo fine-tunability, and even the option to use a 65mm stroke shock to boost rear travel to 170mm. Not that you’ll need it. But we’ve got you tweakers covered. Right down to an all-new Glovebox to hold your tools, spares and driving gloves.

The all-new Megatower: near V10 performance in an up-down-repeat package

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NOW BIGGER & BADDER, the Megatower 2 C is the ultimate privateer race bike.

Originally one of the most in demand, high-end full suspension bikes on the market... the Megatower has Evo-lved.

Its geometric and kinematic wizardry are primed to support comfort at speed – and importantly – a higher margin of error when taking on those thrilling blind risks. Its chainstay length is matched to its frame size, so every rider gets the same balanced Santa Cruz geometry.

The concealed Lower Link Flip Chip adjusts your bottom bracket height and tunes the rear suspension for a more damped, controlled feel. A sealed bearing shock eyelet reduces friction and reduces the need for time consuming maintenance, giving you a greater chance of finishing first. With the overall leverage being lowered – courtesy of a longer 62.5 stroke shock – the Megatower 2 provides extra damping support for an all-aggressive riding style. A much straighter end stroke improves resistance to bottoming out. With consistent progression and no naughty surprises – nothing is out of reach.

Santa Cruz introduces the cavernous Glovebox™. It comes packing with a Tool Wallet and Tube Purse, allowing for the safely hidden storage of whatever you need to enjoy your ride: roll one up and stuff it inside your Glovebox. Done. No more strapping all that potential shrapnel over your stunning machine.

A tool built for the severest, dirtiest rides, the Megatower 2 takes them all in its stride. As well as the obligatory Santa Cruz Lifetime Warranty, it is also backed with a lifetime bearing replacement. Its durable pivots are entirely serviceable with a multitool, in the back of a van or at the side of your trail.

(Product Details New)

• Wheel Size: 29" 
• Size Range: S, M, L, XL, XXL frame size options
• Materials: C carbon
• Rear Travel: 165mm / Front Travel: 170mm
• Extra damping support
• Lower Link Flip Chip & sealed bearing shock eyelet
• Chainstay length matched to the frame size
• Lower overall leverage ratio
• Longer 62.5 stroke shock
• Straighter end stroke reduces bottoming-out
• GLOVEBOX safe storage of tools & tubes. Bottle cage is not included.
• High quality fit and finish
• Lifetime bearing replacement
• Santa Cruz Lifetime Warranty

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