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PUSH - ACS3 FOX Conversion Kit (FOX 36)

PUSH - ACS3 FOX Conversion Kit (FOX 36)

he PUSH ACS3 marries the very best coil suspension engineering with ingenious air stop technology to give you a truly revelatory ride experience. This is the result of a singular and dedicated drive to manufacture a fork upgrade that is utterly unrivalled in trail potential. 

Each ACS3 is manufactured and assembled entirely in-house at PUSH’s Colorado headquarters. Complete control over the production line means that every single component part of the ACS3 is produced with meticulous care and devotion.

The ACS3 has been designed explicitly to provide the benefits of a coil-sprung fork in terms of greater sensitivity to small bumps, maximal traction and reduction of trail chatter, whilst retaining the bottoming control normally associated with air-sprung suspension.

Utilising precision engineered, CNC wound coils – available in a wide range of spring rates and tuned to the tightest tolerances – PUSH is able to match each shock to rider weight and riding style to give the perfect trail experience.

Installation of the ACS3 kit into your existing air fork is a straightforward process that only takes 20-30 minutes including a fork lower leg service.

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Optimized Lightweight Design
Why is everyone always trying to sell you on coil-like
performance? Because nothing beats a coil when it comes to small bump
sensitivity, traction, and mid stroke performance. Also, coil springs eliminate the constant maintenance required to keep your fork running optimally!

The downside of coil suspension? They lack the big hit performance and bottoming control provided by today's air systems. But, what if there was a complete system that provided both? Introducing the PUSH ACS3 Coil Conversion System!

The Ultimate Fork Spring
Don't settle for spring rates measured in "soft", "medium", and "firm"! PUSH ultra-light fork springs are precision engineered and CNC wound for exacting rate tolerance. We offer seven spring rates available in 5 lb/in increments ensuring you get the exact rate you need without compromise.
Air Bump Stop Technology
Used in conjunction with our Coil main spring, our patent-pending Air Bump Stop cartridge allows you to independently fine tune the progressiveness of your fork. Using a standard suspension pump, pressures can be set between 5-50psi for your desired bottoming control. Lower pressures provide a more linear fork feel, while higher pressures provide a quicker engagement and more progressive performance for big hit riding. All without interfering with the first 65% of the forks travel.
"Made Here"
Much like all PUSH products, the
ACS3 is hand assembled from components that are 100% manufactured here in Colorado. Precision machined from premium raw
materials to minimize weight without sacrificing performance or durability.
Initially developed for or ELEVENSIX shock, our exclusive Micro-XD coatings can
be found on our Air Bump Stop unit as well as the lower plunger rod. This
coating provides a durable and slippery surface leading to decreased wear,
better traction and better small bump sensitivity.

Please Note: Does NOT fit 36 Rhythm and 36 E-Bike

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