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Santa Cruz Bullit CC - Copper

Santa Cruz Bullit CC - Copper

What "easily" goes up, must come down!

If Santa Cruz made an e-bike it would be the, oh wait they have. The new Bullit CC is an incredible electric mountain bike! You'll normally read the copy Santa Cruz provide us here, but we've attempted to write this one! And, yes it's fair to say that us guys that work in bike shops aren't the best at writing sale brochures. We can bleed your brakes, lace custom wheels etc, but glossy copy isn't our area :), nevertheless, I will continue to write this, for the simple reason I've actually been riding the Santa Cruz Heckler, the other e-bike in their range.

From the Horse's mouth

I've been told I'm handy on a bike, I'm not going to claim to be skilled, maybe best described as daring or nuts. I'm not fit, in-fact I'm the invert of fit - and I'm going to blame this on being busy building bikes so everyone else can get fit. I've been riding for a good 20 years plus in most disciplines; DH, Enduro, XC and Dirt Jumping. It also fair to say that all the e-bikes I've ridden are fun, but... not really practical for what I would call UK Mountain Biking, which IMO is mostly because of their weight and awful geometry. I've never wanted one enough to add it to my favourites or Bookmarked sites, they wouldn't sit well amongst the new BMW M4 and Emily Ratakowski. Well...l that was until I found out a burlier sibling was coming out.

So what is it myself and the rest of the staff here are excited about? Firstly this new 2020 or technically 2021 Bullit CC model looks stunning, especially the Copper one. Next, it's the fact that it has the same type of geometry we would expect from Santa Cruz, running a 29er up front with the more spritely handling characteristics and great manoeuvrability of a 27.5 rear wheel (yes like those rad 80's Motocross bikes) on an e-bike equals fun. Modern geo and not too slack that it kills it's climbing abilities, Adjustable chainstays to balance climbing traction, with great mud clearance which other e-bikes seem to lack.

Piece of mind

The light carbon frame is backed with a lifetime warranty and runs on the Shimano's STEPS EP8 motor, making for a lighter rig and more powerful at 85nm. The EP8 in the Santa Cruz Bullit is also tuned to give more power in Trail mode without affecting range. Paired with Shimano’s biggest 630wh battery it ensures the Bullit is fully equipped for long, tough climbs to the longest, toughest descents.

The Santa Cruz Bullit mountain electric bike is available on 0% Interest Free Finance.

Read about the history of SantaCruz here


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