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Unite  Crankset  30mm Axle

Unite Crankset 30mm Axle

Estimated delivery late April 2022.

The design brief for our new cranks was simple:

- No specific tools
- No new standards
- Future proof
- Simple
- Light but still robust and stiff
- Aesthetically pleasing

After seeing the finished prototype cranks, we are confident that we've nailed it! Countless hours of development, FEA, field testing and re-designs (there were many) has led us to the finished design. Every single part is manufactured from 7075 aluminium (even the lock ring), both arms are self extracting and no specific tools are needed for assembly/fitting.


There are 2 axle diameters available, dub or 30mm. We asked our customers which they prefer and they were all torn, the simple answer was to offer them both. Want to swap from a dub to 30MM? No problem, the design is completely modular so you can swap the axle in minutes. With the ever changing standards this also helps to future proof the product, we can offer different length axles with relative ease.

- Modular Design
- Self-extracting axle/arm
- No specific tools needed for fitting
- Sram style chain ring
- 165, 170 and 175mm length
- Dub or 30mm 7075 aluminium axle
- Arms available in black, orange, red, blue, purple, green, silver and gold.
- Weight from: 560g (170mm inc axle)
- All parts machined from 7075 aluminium, including the lockring.

Please note, the chainring is NOT including, click the links below to purchase separately:

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