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Muc-off E-Bike Clean, Protect and Lube Kit

Muc-off E-Bike Clean, Protect and Lube Kit

Muc-Off Ebike Clean, Protect, and Lube Kit: Unmatched Care for Your Ebike

Media Review:

"The Muc-Off Ebike Clean, Protect, and Lube Kit is an essential toolkit for any e-bike owner, providing everything you need to maintain your e-bike and keep it in top condition." - Electric Bike Review

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Comprehensive cleaning and protection for your e-bike

Powerful formulas tailored for the demands of e-bikes

Durable protection against rust and wear

Effective lubrication for optimal performance

Convenient and easy-to-use products

Experience the ultimate in e-bike care with the Muc-Off Ebike Clean, Protect, and Lube Kit. Order yours today and keep your e-bike in pristine condition for years.


Nano Tech Bike Cleaner 1Ltr: This award-winning formula quickly and effectively removes dirt, grime, and grease from your e-bike's frame, drivetrain, and components.

MO-94 400ml: This versatile spray acts as a water dispersant, lubricant, and corrosion inhibitor, protecting your e-bike's metal components from rust and wear.

Wet Weather Lube 50ml: This specially formulated lubricant is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, repelling water and protecting your drivetrain from contaminants.

Expanding Microcell Sponge: This absorbent sponge expands when wet, providing maximum surface area for thorough cleaning without scratching delicate surfaces.

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