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New Santa Cruz 5010 MK4

The evolution of the 5010

We have a few customers fortunate enough to own a few Santa Cruz mountain bikes, yep one guy owns all of the range apart from a V10. One thing these customers have in common is the 5010 model is their most-used Santa Cruz. This is understandable as the 5010 is arguably the most nimble and versatile bike in the Santa Cruz range. Often lighter than the rest of the range (we've built a few 26-27lbs ones in the past and this new one comes in at around 28-30lbs for the top-spec), with 140mm travel up front paired with a 130mm lower-link VPP configuration making this bike a tone of fun. So even us less skilled MTB'ers will find this bike easy to pop over roots, jump over table-tops and blast out of berms.

No matter how much of a big kid you are the bike grows with you. We’ve tailored the geometry so frame size is matched to size-specific chainstay lengths and super-low standover heights make it feel (almost) like that BMX you had as a kid. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit nostalgic, but the 5010’s certainly a perfect gateway to the highs only proper mountain biking can offer.
- Santa Cruz

For those who have just got into mountain biking, or have come back to the sport of hiding bikes from your better half and spending all your time thinking about bikes and needless to say all your money on bikes, Santa Cruz is one of the best Mountain Bike brands around... yes those guys who also played the role in making/developing the best skate deck you had in the '80s.


Now Santa Cruz created a shorter travel bike in 2013, it was first called the Solo, but it turned out there were a number of items already on the market with that trademarked name. After a little creative thinking, and the realization that some numbers look a lot like letters, the Solo became the 5010. It was first created to be the mountain bike for long adventures, and well it can be that still, but even the mk1 was soon being used more for local trails and anything in-between. Seven years on and the mk4 5010 has evolved, it's become a bike focused more on those that want fast and fun, stiff yet playful, in car terms, it's more an R than a Ground Tourer or GTI.

5010 Geometry
5010 Geometry

The Geometry

So if your a bit Velo TT geometry connoisseur, a geek that gets turned on by frame angles, or you actually have an idea of what works for you then your need / like / will masturbate yourself silly over this part ;)

• The 5010's chainstay length is matched to the frame size so every rider, no matter their height, gets the same balanced geometry. 
• Five sizes, low standover, slack head angle, low BB, and 140/130mm travel.
• High or low flipswitch VPP™ configuration.


High flipswitch configuration.
High flipswitch configuration.
Low flipswitch configuration.
Low flipswitch configuration.

What to find out more?

We at Evo are a small team of avid mountain bikers (when I say small, I mean 3-4 of us), we've been running a specialist mountain bike store for over 15 years and over that time have built a wealth of experience in building custom bikes. If you call us you're not going to get a telly salesperson, robot or teenager, you'll get one of us and we will give you honest and experienced advice.

If you buy a Santa Cruz from us it will be handbuilt using the best tools on the market, no over-tightening, not clamping carbon where it shouldn't be clamped. We understand the hard work you've endured to be able to buy a high-end bike from us, so we give your build the very best attention to detail that we would expect to receive. Because of this, we're not robot fast, and you do not get a free pen or puncher repair kit branded with our logo.

View this site for the new 5010 and other bikes we have to offer and please feel free to call or email us.

Date: 14 July 2020
Author: John Hodge
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