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Nobl TR33 on Onyx Vesper Hubs

Nobl TR33 on Onyx Vesper Hubs

The TR33 is the jack of all trades. Right at home on an aggressive XC bike or an Enduro rig, the TR33 was designed to be adaptable to a variety of trail conditions. Throw on some reinforced 2.5″ mid-fat tires when it gets rough, or some light XC treads for race day and the TR33 will shine in both situations. The new revised low profile offers the perfect blend of compliance and stiffness, this means exceptional control when the terrain gets rough without rattling your hands off.

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The Onyx Racing TR33 wheelset represents the pinnacle of mountain bike wheel manufacturing.

NOBL TR33 rims were made for performance-oriented riders that wanted a wide-but-not-too-wide profile with more compliance, and excellent impact resistance. At 385g per rim, these have an amazing strength to weight ratio and are ready to tackle the toughest tracks on the EWS circuit. Our 2018 rims have a new layup process to further enhance impact resistance and provide miles of hassle-free performance.

External - 33mm

Internal - 27mm

3mm reinforced hookless lips


At the heart of this wheelset is the completely silent U.S. manufactured Onyx Racing hubset.

Onyx racing hubs liberate your bike wheels and transform your ride.

Onyx hubs transfer power from your pedals to your rear bike wheel instantly for faster acceleration and more control.

The patented sprag clutch design removes the play and clickety??"clack of pawls against teeth in the rear hub to silence your coasting.

Increase your control on technical climbs with sprags that ramp up with torque to smoothly apply driving force, and instant engagement with absolutely zero lag.

Available in a whole raft of colour options.

Please select the spoke and nipple combination you would like (full details of each option is in the main description box above). If you prefer brass to alloy nipples or vice versa please let us know in the comments and we will get it done for you. If you want coloured nipples please call us.

We build all of our 27.5" wheels 3-cross and our 29" are built 2-cross by default. Our standard builds are all 32h as we find the higher spoke count is only marginally heavier than 28h due to the lighter rim weight and 32h builds are more reliable. We find these combinations to be best for most riders, but we can do custom lacing to fine tune wheel stiffness for discerning riders, just ask.

Spoke and nipple combinations available:

Sapim Race - 2/1.8/2 - Race spokes are double butted and are used for the strongest and stiffest wheel builds. Handles abrasion from trail debris. Weight (64 pcs x 260 mm) 363 g

Sapim D-Light - 2/1.65/2 - Light, strong, economical. The D-Lights are double butted and are the best choice for most riders. Does not stretch and twist poorly like 2/1.5/2mm spokes. More elastic and lighter than Race spokes. Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm) 307 g

Sapim CX-Ray - 2/2.3/0.9/2 - The lightest and most resilient mountain bike spokes available. CX Rays are bladed so they have aerodynamic properties and have the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Strong enough for competitive use. Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm) 272 g


2.0mm Sapim brass - great durability and strength - brass colour only
2.0mm Sapim/DT Swiss Silver Alloy nipple - for ultimate in low weight. Not as good long term durability or strength compared to brass and prone to corrosion in long-term so consider replacing every 2/3 seasons.
2.0mm Black DT Swiss Brass - Black coated brass nipples - top performance and looks - bear in mind brass doesn't take coatings well so can look a little worn after building due to surface contact with spoke keys.
2.0mm DT Swiss Squorx Prolock - brass for ultimate strength and durability - extended spoke head with spline fitting on inside of rim for increased strength and ease of truing with special tool. Bear in mind brass doesn't take coatings well so can look a little worn after building due to surface contact with spoke keys.

Sapim Double Square Alloy - Our wheelbuildes favourite - a top quality alloy nipple with great durability and increased length of head for strength and ease of truing. Removal of rounded or broken nipples is easier too using internal spoke head.

27.5" wheels are built 3X lacing pattern with 32 hole, if you want a different pattern please let us know in the comments section at checkout.

NOBL crowns are available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Pink, and Purple for those wanting to add some extra colour to their rims. These are vinyl die-cuts and are simple to apply.
As with any product, specification is subject to change without prior notification. You are advised to contact us

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